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Hi My Name Is Christine. Im a Wonderholic! I Luvvhh Wonder Girls. They Are Like The Best Asia Girl Group Artist. My Favorite From Order Is Park Ye Eun, Kim Yoo Bin, Min Sun Ye, Sun Mi, And Last Ahn So hee ! They Are All WonderFul In Their Own Way! Wonder Girls Are so Pretty And Talented. Wonder Girls Fighting! I Also Luvvhh Big Bang. They Are sooo Freaking Hott! The Best Hip-Hop Group Ever! My favorite Is G-Dragon. He is So Hot and i Luvvh his Smile soo cute. hes Also My Hubby. So Back Off! LoL. JK. And My Second Favorite is Mr. T-O-P. Thats Right T.O.P The Best Rapper Alivvee! Go WonderBang!

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