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SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and Big Bang’s TOP had a special stage performance at the 32nd 2008 MBC University Song Festival on October 4.

Kim Hyun Joong said, “We’ve known each other since we were in middle school as neighbors,” and “Being like this as singers on one stage is different.” He added, “Even in middle school, TOP was a friend who had a passion for music,” and TOP said about him, “I remember that he was a very good guitar player.”

The two played an arrangement of Craig David & Sting’s “Rise and Fall.” Kim Hyun Joong, who played the guitar, especially received a big response [from the audience]. They had been preparing this show for about a week before.

T.O.P and Hyun Joong Collaboration – [10.04.08] live

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Hyun Joong, who was voted as WGM’s most lovely couple together with Hwang Bo, participated in the OST of ‘That man’s book, 198 pages’, which will be released on the 23rd of October.

Hyun Joong displayed his sensitive, deep voice filled with a romantic charm through the OST.

‘That man’s book, 198 pages’ is a story of a man (Lee Dong Wook) who searches through a library only for page 198 after his first love leaves and is assisted by librarian (Eugene). The both of them share the memories and secrets of their loves in this movie. The song, ‘Looking at’, which was specially produced by Hyun Joong and SS501 for the movie will be inserted as the ending title song.

The song’s beautiful melody and lyrics speak of the sweet, careful confession of love between two lovers who are about to begin their relationship.

Hyun Joong real side shown in WGM is seen to overlap Lee Dong Wook’s character in the movie, as Hyun Joong portrays a man who was initially awkward and unable to open up to Hwang Bo and was blunt to her before slowly reaching out carefully and becoming a warm partner who takes care of her.

The music video of ‘Looking at’ will first be shown in early October.

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Hyun Joong resumes his activities with the filming of WGM on the 20th.

The production staff of WGM said that he resumed filming of WGM with Hwang Bo on the 20th and that after the sleeping pills incident on the 16th, they were very worried about him but seeing him healthy on the 20th made them feel relieved.

Hyun Joong who was sent to the hospital on the 16th due to an overdose of sleeping pills was supposed to resume filming of WGM on the 18th however the filming date was postponed again to the 20th. He officially resumed his activities again after four days.

The shooting of WGM on the 20th was their farewell vacation concept shoot. However, the staff said that the shooting atmosphere for these two newlyweds was rather different from the other couples when they filmed their episode. The both of them shot the episode of them spending time at their house and at the park.

Hyun Joong’s agency said that after the incident on the 16th, he was spending time resting at home and doing his recording schedule, and that he was in relatively good health.

Hyun Joong will be making his comeback with the rest of his SS501 members in October. Apart from his activities as a singer, he is expected to continue the rest of the year with a drama and with WGM.

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Hyun Joong was scheduled to shoot WGM on the 18th.

He was sent to the hospital on the 16th because of a sleeping pill overdose, but was released shortly after the test results showed that there were no problems, and was to resume his schedules without any disruption.

He was supposed to have shot WGM on the 16th, but shooting was postponed to the 18th because of the incident. However, Hyun Joong’s management contacted WGM on the 17th asking to postpone the shooting to the 20th as he was still not in the best of conditions to film WGM.

The producers of WGM have accepted the request stating that it was important for Hyun Joong to rest and be in his best condition in order to ensure that the filming of WGM is fun. They also said that they have decided to give him more time as the schedule was one for outdoor filming.

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Hyun Joong said that he doesn’t mind age of the girl he likes. Hyun Joong who has recently been participating in WGM as a younger husband to Hwang Bo said that his thoughts about women has changed after participating in the program .

He said that his style used to be women who were pretty and kind, but now he just wants someone who is well matched with him, and that age didn’t matter. His charms are that he seems cold nature but actually has deep affections. He said that he doesn’t really treat women well and that he doesn’t even really shake his fans hands, which makes him feel bad. However, he wants to make use of interviews to let his fans know how he feels, his words displaying his affection towards his fans.

He was also not a very good student during his student days and said that he didn’t pay attention to the lessons that he disliked. However, he was a student who would study well to get first place during math meets. He said that he was the type that would become obsessed and sticks to things that he likes, whereas he would give up really easily on things that didn’t interest him. He also said that ever since he discovered music in his first year of middle school, he has given his all to music.

The Hyun Joong who wants to retire once he’s earned 22 billion. Find out more about his absurd philosophies, episodes from WGM, his honest thoughts about older women and his heart as a singer in the September issue of Singles.

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Recently, members of the entertainment industry such as SS501, Big Bang and SHINee have been the focus of romance for older women. This is especially so for Hyun Joong who has been receiving a lot of love from the fans because of his friendly brother/ lover image that reaches out to them.

Let’s meet Hyun Joong who has caught the hearts of many noonas!

The younger man of the noonas! Hyun Joong, with his absurd ways and distinctive statuesque looks, earning him the title “Perfect younger man”. He is a rising new focus among the noonas nationwide.

Currently on a break from activities in Japan, focusing once more on activities in Korea, he is currently in the midst of preparations for music programs locally.

What do the members think Hyun Joong’s charms are?

Hyung Joon: I think Hyun Joong hyung has an absurd type of charm. The kind that has ingenious ideas. Unique ones.

Even while resting, the members are kept busy with photoshoots. They are enjoying their high popularity not only amongst local fans but also from Japanese fans. Many Japanese fans also came for their Seoul fanmeeting.

The one thing that fans are always interested in. Hyun Joong’s ideal woman.

Hyun Joong: A woman wearing a white one piece and a large hat who sits under a tree.

The reason for such absurdity? Hyun Joong who is currently filming a program as a young husband together with Hwang Bo, where they both show their lives as a newly married couple. Hyun Joong who calls Hwang Bo “Hwang Bu In” on the show makes many noonas in the audience envious.

On being matched with Hwang Bo as a make believe couple.

Hyun Joong: I think that I have learnt a lot. Which is why I am living my marriage life happily. I’m worried that I would not be able to get married for real if I ever saw the bitter side of marriage.

Are Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo well suited?

Hyung Joon: When I first saw them, I was worried that they would not be able to adapt well. Now I think they are well matched. Their projected image is better than what I expected. Get married.

On meeting the fans after a long time.

Hyun Joong: I’m not too nervous about meeting them on stage. But seeing that so many fans have come, I have to show them a handsome side of me (on stage). Fighting!

The fans cheers are especially loud today, maybe because of the long wait? Hyun Joong, serious faced, performed their new song “Find” for the fans. He sang a song with his sweet, charming voice especially for Hwang Bo alone recently right?

Hwang Bo’s message for her husband Hyun Joong.

Hwang Bo: Even though it’s tough and busy for you, it’d be good if you took care of yourself more. Why does it feel like it’s my fault that you’re so skinny? It’ll be good if you drank less and ate more rice.

Future plans?

Hyun Joong: We will be doing promotions overseas in places such as Thailand, China and Taiwan. Please wait for our second album and our Asian tour.

We will have more expectations for our cute kid groom, Hyun Joong.

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credit: soompi, kbs news

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